How does Mustang Waters work with clients to personalize their events? 

Mustang Waters knows the importance of personalizing every event we plan. We have dedicated staff to help you put your brand on your retreat, business meeting or reception. 

How much lead time do we need to secure Mustang Waters for our event? 

Depending on availability, cost and other requirements, our staff needs at least 30 days to plan your event. 

We have guests coming in from out of town. Can Mustang Waters pick them up at the airport or other locations?

Yes. Mustang Waters’ Event Planner will connect you with a transportation company that can accommodate your needs.

Your rental depends on the accommodations you’ll be using and the level of requested extracurricular activities. Talk with our Event Planner, who will work within your budget.

What does the Mustang Waters facility rental include?

Mustang Waters is proud to collaborate with award-winning Austin restaurants that can cater your event. Talk with our Event Planner who will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

What are my food options at Mustang Waters? 

Of course! Our Mustang Waters team will work with you on confirming the best possible accommodations for your guests. 

We are planning an overnight event. Given the fact that there are multiple locations for our attendees to stay, can Mustang Waters help us make the room assignments?

Absolutely! One of our greatest attributes is creating an event that meets your specific needs and tastes. We will brainstorm opportunities and identify options that meet your interests and budget. We can even create themed events, creating magical moments for your guests.

We are interested in very specific extra-curricular activities. Can Mustang Waters help us with the planning?

Mustang Waters has a variety of wheelchair accessible venues and accommodations including our Lost Oak Lodge, the Main House and Hunting Cabin.  

What Mustang Waters locations are wheelchair accessible?

Mustang Waters is a perfect go-to destination. We are uniquely positioned as a home away from home – a place where you can focus and relax. The Ranch is located just far enough from the hustle and bustle of Austin and San Antonio to help your guests feel as if they have entered a different world, but close enough to major transportation hubs, fine dining, and first-class cultural events. We work individually with each of our clients, helping to customize their Mustang Waters experience. 

Why should we choose Mustang Waters?

Mustang Waters rentals are competitively priced and based on availability, number of guests, length of stay, selected venues, and date and season. Our Event Planner will work with you to meet your specific requirements.

What does it cost to rent Mustang Waters? 

Contact our Events Team at 512.650.7782 or email us –

Whom should I contact to secure Mustang Waters for our event?