Mustang Waters Ranch


Mustang Waters Ranch

1000 Acres of Heaven on Earth


“As the gate to Mustang Waters slowly opens, you know you have stepped into another world, a world of vistas, of plains, of wildlife you’ve never seen before – Black Hawaiian Ram, Fallow Deer, Aouda, and more! 

If you are looking for a venue that has everything, and we mean everything – from luxury “down home Texas” accommodations and event facilities, to breathtaking hilltop sunsets, to roaming free where not only the deer and the antelope play, but also where you can work and play – then go no further. Mustang Waters Ranch is where you want to be!

Our Texas Hill Country ranch is perfect for your corporate retreat or special family event. We guarantee this magical place will inspire your creativity, fill your heart with joy, and will be remembered always as the getaway of your dreams. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect Texas venue, or simply an escape into the Texas Hill Country, we promise you’ll find your Eden at Mustang Waters Ranch.

Mustang Waters At-A-Glance

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About Us

About Us

Meet the Amelios


We are Jamie and Bill Amelio.

To say we love Mustang Waters Ranch is an understatement; it is our passion. We feel fortunate to be able to share our little piece of Texas perfection. As you learn a little about who we are, you’ll understand our passion for this piece of Texas Hill Country we call Mustang Waters Ranch.


BILL: Jamie is Texas through-and-through. She grew up just outside of San Antonio in Schertz, an archetypical Texas country town. That’s shorthand for horses, cattle, and football. As a teenager, on her way to Austin she would drive past Mustang Waters on old historic Highway 290 and pretend she owned it. Nothing like having a dream come true!

JAMIE: Bill was born and bred in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so owning a ranch for him was never even a concept until well after our worlds converged. But just watch him now. After a busy week as CEO of the Avnet, weekends will find him shedding his suit and tie for jeans, a cowboy hat, and boots. He’s passionate about the Ranch and monitors everything from the animals, to the planning/building phase of new projects and our water system that sustains the livestock, ponds, and beauty of the ranch.



BILL: For Jamie, an avid rider, our purchase of Mustang Waters in YEAR was a forever dream. We work great together! Her creative hand can be seen in all aspects of Mustang Water’s design. Mustang Waters is nothing short of perfection, and Jamie is the reason. The new Lost Oak Lodge for example, was her vision, including its adaptable design, allowing the space to easily transform from corporate events into family celebrations and other festive occasions.

You can also see Jamie’s handiwork in each of the ranch’s unique bedrooms, the linens and knickknacks, the art collection, and the most dramatic 2500 square foot deck in Texas! From our ranch logo and our Texas-lux style facilities, to our very own Uncle Rudy’s Tree House and the new brand Blanco Bengals Cat Breeding service, Jamie’s imprint is everywhere. And what other lodge has a boot bar?


JAMIE: Bill and I make things happen. You can see Bill’s engineering know-how in our ranch’s water system, using moving creeks to create clean and sustainable ponds located throughout the property. A water system that works at optimal capacity? Bill is on top of it. All things internet? He’s got you covered. Bill is Mustang Waters! You’ll see him riding all over the ranch, checking the pastures and perimeter, making sure that everything is working, and reviewing the status of new construction.


And our Mustang Waters animals? That’s Bill! He loves our animals and is responsible for what you see during your stay. He brings the best to the ranch. What other Texas ranch has African Aoudad, Black Hawaiian Ram, or Bengal cats? Bill knows what’s out there, where they’re supposed to be, and when new babies are born. He is also a compassionate hunter, ensuring that none of our herds over-populate.

Bill is perhaps most passionate about our horses, including Sparkle Madness, Red Velvet, Shiny Penny, and Old Topper. He diligently works with the horses, ensuring that they are rideable before anyone gets on them.



JAMIE: We love our days on the ranch, but at the same time we are also very aware of the abundance in our lives and have always made giving back an important part of who we are. “To whom much is given, much is expected” is a mantra we live by. In 2002, when we were living with our three young sons in Singapore due to Bill’s job as President of Asia Pacific and Japan Operations at Dell, we founded the nonprofit organization, Caring for Cambodia (CFC). In 15 years, we have seen CFC grow from supporting one public school in Siem Reap, Cambodia to building and growing 21 schools, pre-K through high school. More than 77,000 students have passed through their doors since 2003, helping to secure a better and brighter future for those children and so many more.

BILL: Jamie has written about the creation of CFC in her first book, “Graced with Orange.” She has also spoken about it around the country, including in a TEDTalk. Her latest book, “Staying Bothered,” further reflects on her journey and the power of being bothered about an issue and doing something about it.


JAMIE: We have six children, including Cherry from Cambodia who began living with us when she was ten. Cherry recently graduated college and is now working in Florida. Our eldest, Austin, plays Dwight on the Walking Dead. He and his partner Jes live in Austin with our grandson, Lev. Riley just graduated from Lehigh University. Bronson, a senior at Lake Travis High School, has finished football season and is now playing on the lacrosse team. Avery, our youngest is in the 8th grade at Lake Travis Middle School – a real go-getter on the school’s volleyball team. All of our children have spent many days and weeks at Mustang Waters Ranch and have also volunteered countless hours in Cambodia. Being bothered and doing something about it is in their bones.


Our children and grandson love Mustang Waters as much as we do. It truly is a place where dreams are made. And we sincerely hope it will help fulfill yours!